Recipes inspired by Disney

Disney has been inspiring me for years. Ever since I was a child, Disney has been there. I love animation and Disney has given me a chance to see it evolve over 50+ years. The recipes I make here take inspiration from the movies I grew up with. I haven't seen every Disney movie, but I've seen a lot and I will always continue watching them in hope for more inspiration and magic.

Peach Glazed Chicken

Mixing sweet with savoury and creating something amazing is the best! This James and the Giant Peach meal is quick and easy to make!

Rapunzel Hair Spaghetti

A visual representation of Tangled. The long golden spaghetti hair, the speckles of Pascal green, and the piggish bacon thief!

San Fransokyo Mini Burgers

Mixing American and Japanese cuisine together to create these scientifically charged Mini Burgers inspired by superhero movie, Big Hero 6!

Kronk’s Spinach Puffs

Everyone loves Kronk so I had to recreate his Spinach Puffs from Emperors New Groove and see what he was so passionate about!

Anger’s Flaming Hot Pizza

Anger can get real mad inside Riley’s head so I’ve created this flaming hot pizza to cool him off on a fury filled day!

Disgust’s Broccoli Pizza

Whilst Disgust obviously turned her nose down at the thought of Broccoli on Pizza, I’ve created a delight of flavours that makes it work!

Mike Wazowski Avocados

An appetising meal made up of eggs and avocado, inspired by Monsters Inc that recreates the movie’s little, one-eyed, green monster!

Remy’s Soup

Whilst most would think to make Remy’s Ratatouille, I decided to make his marvellous potato and leek soup from the beginning of the movie.

Pooh’s Hunny Salmon

Inspired by the new Christopher Robin movie, a certain hunny loving bear will be full of joy after eating honey scrumptious meal.

Imperial City Noodles

A traditional and colourful dish for Mulan, a movie based on rebelling against Chinese tradition. Arrange your own vegetables for a custom designed dish!

Merlin’s Cottage Pie

The magic of this Sword in the Stone dish is to pack in all these ingredients into a dish to create a great British flavour.

Jungle Curry

Inspired by The Jungle Book, this warm, rustic curry is built from the ground up, mixing all your spices together with guinea fowl and a side of chapattis.