Recipes inspired by Pokémon

I've grown up playing Pokemon since Primary School and have stuck with it. My favourites include Luxray, Zweilous, Lairon, Decidueye, Cutiefly and Seismitoad. As they continue to make more Pokemon (currently at over 800), I like to learn about the abilities and evolutions of each. Forming inspiration from each of these Pokemon has helped me to create the following recipes.

Leafeon’s Moss Rock Pork

Evolve your Eevee into the Verdent Pokemon, Leafeon with this Moss Rock Pork recipe served with Asparagus, Courgette balls, Quinoa and a Pea Sauce

Numel Laksa

Numel Laksa Numel deserves a great fiery meal and a Malaysian Laksa was the perfect dish for the little yellow and green humped camel! Servings 2 Ready In: 25 mins Good For: Dinner Inspiration from Numel Numel is a little fiery camel, described as the Numb Pokemon. It...

Pidove’s Potato Nests

A simple recipe to create little nests for Pidoves and other bird Pokémon. A baked egg sits in the middle of this crunchy nest.

Tepig Tomato Gnocchi

A very easy recipe inspired by Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon. Utilising sausages, gnocchi and cherry tomatoes creates a quick and easy dinner for kids and adults!