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Remy’s Soup

Remy’s Soup

Whilst most would think to make Remy’s Ratatouille, I decided to make his marvellous potato and leek soup from the beginning of the movie.

Pooh’s Hunny Salmon

Pooh’s Hunny Salmon

Inspired by the new Christopher Robin movie, a certain hunny loving bear will be full of joy after eating honey scrumptious meal.

Imperial City Noodles

Imperial City Noodles

A traditional and colourful dish for Mulan, a movie based on rebelling against Chinese tradition. Arrange your own vegetables for a custom designed dish!

I have a plan… honest!

The plan started with the Disney movies I’ve seen and loved. Now I’m ready to draw inspiration from other aspects of my life including gaming, music, television and more movies! I’ve got ideas for my favourite games Overwatch and Pokemon, and will be looking at other movies and TV shows I’m interested in.

Antony Bearpark

The Chef

Antony Bearpark

I’m a designer who loves cooking new and exciting meals and dishes. I love to experiment with different cuisines and flavours to create the perfect dish. I have many ideas that I wish to make and look forward to sharing them with you!

Favourite Recipes:

Jungle Book Jungle Curry

Jungle Curry

Inspired by The Jungle Book

Brother Bear Salmon

Kenai River Salmon

Inspired by Brother Bear

Zootopia Bobotie

Savannah Central Bobotie

Inspired by Zootopia

Hunchback of Notre Dame Salad

Esmeralda’s Salade Niçoise

Inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame