Gourmet Cooking Skill 1: Pasta Primavera

Any Sims in Sims 4 can learn the Gourmet Cooking skill by just selecting the fridge or oven. Now you can too with this starting meal!

Sableye Pearl and Gem Greens

Using ingredients that use crystals in their names, here’s the recipe for a great packed lunch idea inspired by the Pokémon Sableye.

Kanto CATsu Curry

For the Kanto Meowth variant, an original Japanese Tonkatsu Pork Curry.

Tepig Tomato Gnocchi

A very easy recipe inspired by Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon. Utilising sausages, gnocchi and cherry tomatoes creates a quick and easy dinner for kids and adults!

Esmeralda’s Salade Niçoise

Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame, known for her bold and colourful personality could only be given a salad with a variety of textures and flavours

Wayfinders Coconut Fish

A Fijian dish based on the Disney movie Moana, the story of a young girl who is on a quest to return the heart of Te Fiti to save her island.

Victini Chilli Victory

Here are some V shaped chilli tacos inspired by Victini’s facial appearance and typing, Psychic-Fire. Add some chillies for extra more victorious fire!

Boyle’s Luscious Lasagne

Following Boyle’s passion for food, I’ve created a Vinvisgrassi Lasagne fit for the whole precinct on Brooklyn Nine Nine

On-the-Hunt Chicken

Using a British Hunter’s Chicken recipe, I was inspired by the tale of unlikely friends from the Fox and the Hound to make a quick and easy dinner using your favourite BBQ sauce!

McGonagall Lamb

A quintessential British dish for the Scottish born Gryffindor House Head, Minerva McGonagall, with hints of her green wear seen with the peas and herbs.

Red Talonflame Curry

A take on a Goan Fish curry substituting the fish for tomatoes and chicken to match the fiery bird, Talonflame.

Earth Green Mushroom Risotto

Inspired by the world’s leading independent conservation organisation – WWF, I’ve created an Earth friendly Vegetarian Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

Marowak Spiced Chicken Bones

Marowak is the Ground type Bone Keeper, or the Ghost-Fire Pokémon in Alola. This is the very apt ground spice chicken drumsticks inspired by the Pokémon.

Grazing Venusaur Chicken

Grazing Venusaur Chicken

This cheesy, pesto chicken looks just like a Venusaur grazing in the bushes, using tomatoes and basil to recreate the plant on its back.

Golden Snitch Pasta

Golden Snitch Pasta

Inspired by Farfalle whilst shopping for Macaroni, this quick and easy dish replicates the visual appearance of the Golden Snitch.

I have a plan… honest!

The plan started with the Disney movies I’ve seen and loved. Now I’m ready to draw inspiration from other aspects of my life including gaming, music, television and more movies! I’ve got ideas for my favourite games Overwatch and Pokemon, and will be looking at other movies and TV shows I’m interested in.

Antony Bearpark

The Chef

Antony Bearpark

I’m a designer who loves cooking new and exciting meals and dishes. I love to experiment with different cuisines and flavours to create the perfect dish. I have many ideas that I wish to make and look forward to sharing them with you!

Favourite Recipes:

Jungle Book Jungle Curry

Jungle Curry

Inspired by The Jungle Book

Brother Bear Salmon

Kenai River Salmon

Inspired by Brother Bear

Zootopia Bobotie

Savannah Central Bobotie

Inspired by Zootopia

Hunchback of Notre Dame Salad

Esmeralda’s Salade Niçoise

Inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame