Tony’s Two Spaghetti Speciale

With thanks to the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, I’ve recreated Tony’s two spaghetti speciale, and it’s heavy on the meatballs too.

Bo Peep’s Lamb Chimichurri

Returning back to the herd of lovable toys, Bo Peep and her sheep were my inspiration for this Toy Story 4 meal.

Ninetales Lentil Curry

A great little curry served with a toasted Naan that helps visually represent the Fox Pokémon, Ninetales.

Dalmatian Spotted Chicken and Rice

Black and white and black and white. Inspired by 101 Dalmatians, this quick and easy recipe is a tasty treat that doesn’t require you to skin any puppies!

Pansage and Broccoli Pasta

Given the appearance and name of Pansage, I created a Sage and Broccoli pasta dish that is an alternative, healthy vegetarian dish

Numel Laksa

Numel deserves a great fiery meal and a Malaysian Laksa was the perfect dish for the little yellow and green humped camel!

Rapunzel Hair Spaghetti

A visual representation of Tangled. The long golden spaghetti hair, the speckles of Pascal green, and the piggish bacon thief!

San Fransokyo Mini Burgers

Mixing American and Japanese cuisine together to create these scientifically charged Mini Burgers inspired by superhero movie, Big Hero 6!

Kronk’s Spinach Puffs

Everyone loves Kronk so I had to recreate his Spinach Puffs from Emperors New Groove and see what he was so passionate about!

Zarya’s Protein Ukha

A strong character like Zarya would enjoy this Russian dish: an Ukha soup with Quinoa added in to help boost the protein content.

Anger’s Flaming Hot Pizza

Anger can get real mad inside Riley’s head so I’ve created this flaming hot pizza to cool him off on a fury filled day!

Disgust’s Broccoli Pizza

Whilst Disgust obviously turned her nose down at the thought of Broccoli on Pizza, I’ve created a delight of flavours that makes it work!

Pidove’s Potato Nests

A simple recipe to create little nests for Pidoves and other bird Pokémon. A baked egg sits in the middle of this crunchy nest.

Mike Wazowski Avocados

An appetising meal made up of eggs and avocado, inspired by Monsters Inc that recreates the movie’s little, one-eyed, green monster!

Paradise Falls Liver and Onions

Paradise Falls Liver and Onions

A favourite in our family, Up is a great Pixar movie with a collection of random characters on a mission to drop a flying house on top of a waterfall!

Bastion Omnic Oil Soup

Bastion Omnic Oil Soup

To help fix up a struggling Bastion, apply some Omnic Oil and it’ll be right as rain. This recipe has added meat and vegetables suitable for humans!

I have a plan… honest!

The plan started with the Disney movies I’ve seen and loved. Now I’m ready to draw inspiration from other aspects of my life including gaming, music, television and more movies! I’ve got ideas for my favourite games Overwatch and Pokemon, and will be looking at other movies and TV shows I’m interested in.

Antony Bearpark

The Chef

Antony Bearpark

I’m a designer who loves cooking new and exciting meals and dishes. I love to experiment with different cuisines and flavours to create the perfect dish. I have many ideas that I wish to make and look forward to sharing them with you!

Favourite Recipes:

Jungle Book Jungle Curry

Jungle Curry

Inspired by The Jungle Book

Brother Bear Salmon

Kenai River Salmon

Inspired by Brother Bear

Zootopia Bobotie

Savannah Central Bobotie

Inspired by Zootopia

Hunchback of Notre Dame Salad

Esmeralda’s Salade Niçoise

Inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame