Discount codes for cooking subscriptions!

I love making new recipes to share on here, but I only cook one or two new recipes each week. The rest of my week is filled with meals I make using kits and subscriptions, to help aid with shopping, budgeting and food waste! 

I use Hello Fresh for most of my weeks meals: you pick from a great selection of meals each week and they send you all the ingredients for your required amount of portions and there’s no additional food waste! If you want to get £20 off your first box, feel free to use my discount code: HS-ZVMY48OVD

At the weekends I also use Simply Cook. Simply Cook sends you 4 ingredient kits and recipes. When you’re food shopping, you can choose the ingredients to go with these ingredient kits, so you’re not limited to following the recipe 100%, you can mix and match ingredients and substitute meat for veg or ingredients you dislike for something better! You can get a free box by signing up via the following discount code link:


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